Friday, March 16, 2012

A quick update

I apologize for the long wait in between posts but we now have internet!  It's been nearly three weeks of journeying to a pub about 0.5 miles away and video chatting with my mother, sister and nieces from a smelly phone booth.  But hey, thank goodness for free wifi from the pub.  Video chatting has been a great way for me to keep in touch with friends and family, it's almost like we are having a face to face conversation. 

We have moved into our "forever" apartment and have been settling in nicely.  I will have pictures and details posted soon.  We had to wait an eternity to get internet but now we have a nice fast connection so I can post away.

Bobcat is doing very well but I've had a supremely difficult time finding the medication that we've been using to increase her appetite as there is a supply issue from the manufacturer.  For the moment I've stopped giving it to her to determine if she'll eat satisfactorily without it. 

My school applications are all in and now I have to wait 6-8 agonizing weeks to find out if I will be doing what I want next year or if I'll need a more interesting job.  On the same lines I've applied for many lab jobs and am waiting on some of them but haven't got a lot of promising leads.

Bryan is enjoying his new position.  It is challenging, which is nice for staving off boredom, but he has a lot of late nights.  I expect that the late nights won't go on for too long though.  Another great thing about Bryan's work is that it's only 1.7 miles away from the new apartment so he can and does walk to work which is very nice for him and makes it easy to get in his exercise. 

I am off to apply for more jobs but will update with a picture post soon.

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