Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Borough Market Continued

Hello again! I apologize for the lack of posts but bobcat became extremely ill and required a lot of attention from both of us for awhile.  On top of the caring for bobcat I was also extremely distracted working on school and job applications.

Bryan and I have now been to the Borough Market three times, once while it was closed and twice for lunch.

The Best time to go, based on our very small sample set, is during the week as it is open Th, Fr and Sa.  The first time we stood in line for a sandwich for around 20 minutes.  But I assure you it was worth the wait.  This creation came from Guildable Manor, which is actually a brick and mortar shop under London Bridge instead of the free standing stalls found through out the market.  The sandwich was a venison and pork kebab that had fresh apricots cook in with the meat.  It came on a hoagie type roll and had harissa and a cilantro sauce to accompany it.  Bryan got a slice of pizza from an Italian place also under the bridge.

His was good, but mine was way better.

After lunch we wandered around seeing what the vendors had to offer and ended up at Vinopolis, a wine museum, where Bryan bought a bottle of scotch to take home.  We finished this visit off with a visit to the Rake where we enjoyed two hoppy brews from the Pacific Northwest with sharkbanana.

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