Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's the difference between jam and jelly?

Shopping in jolly olde is interesting to say the least.  We bought bread that was unsliced, which can be seen here. Eggs are not refrigerated, not that I'm surprised, but we did have a devil of a time trying to find them.  I think the most notable thing is that the Sainsbury's we shop at is amazingly busy all the time and small hand baskets should be used as the larger push trolleys (see what I did there?!?) would be impossible to get through the store with. Bryan and I just need to be patient or find a time to shop that isn't quite so trying.

Vocab switch ups that we'll have to get used to:
Laundry detergent = washing powder
Bacon = smoked back bacon
Shopping cart = trolley (but hey I noted this already)

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  1. Jam uses the whole fruit (it has bits) and jelly is the fruit juice in pectin and water. Worthy of distinction on the sign, probably not.

    The bread slicer is cool!